Job title: Sr. Accounts Executive- Costing& Insurance
Job type: Permanent
Emp type: Full-time
Salary type: Annual
Salary: Negotiable
Location: Oman
Job published: 28-02-2020
Job ID: 32083
Contact name: Dina Tarek
Contact email:

Job Description

Key Outputs:


Key Outputs:  Costing

  • Verification of Consignments and Add-on costs and costing each consignment.
  • Rectification of errors related to each consignment related to mismatch in PO Rates as well as Qty. Amending P.O.’s for rectification purposes as per divisions advice.
  • Check daily expense refund to local clearing agents related to payment of DO charges as well as other clearing charges. Arrange IOU if any additional payments are required for the local clearing agent.
  • Verification of variations if any in the local clearing agent’s charges paid for Customs Duty as well as other charges while taking it into costing.
  • Obtain freight charges from the Freight Agents for the purpose of costing
  • Follow up with divisions in case errors are not cleared in reasonable time in case all types of consignments.
  • System improvements based on the user requirements, periodically improving the overall system eliminating work duplicity as well as increase efficiency.

Key Outputs:  Insurance

  • Yearly declaration of Assets, stocks, staff etc for renewal of policies. Obtaining debit notes. Verification of the DN’s as per agreed rates, arranging for accounting of these DN’s.
  • Monthly Marine Declaration of consignments entered into the system for the month and sending the same after verification to Insurers for obtaining Debit Notes for the same.
  • Verification of Various Debit Notes for additional covers from Insurers on Marine as well as Motor or GIT policies and arranging for accounting the same.
  • Various Claim intimations under, Motor, Assets, Money or WC/GPA policies to the Insurers, through our brokers after getting information, pictures etc from the concerned divisions.
  • Sending Notice of Loss to various Freight Agents/Organizations, responsible for damages or shortages to our materials for the purpose of claims at a later date.
  • Getting repair quotations for Asset/Materials damages and sending to Insurers and getting approvals for carrying out the works.
  • Obtaining the relevant documents for the above claims and putting up the claim forms to our Insurers as per Policy rules.
  • Monthly submission of invoices for Motor claims under our Fleet/OYC vehicles. Follow up for the payments of these invoices with constant follow up with the brokers.
  • Arranging Insurance Certificates for various Tender as well as projects as per customer requirements.
  • Attending insurance related meetings with the Brokers or Loss Adjusters in case of any clarifications on major claims.
  • Periodical follow up of payments for the claims submitted and also submission of any additional documents requested by the Insurers and also Invoices requested by the Insurers for clearing payment.
  • Receiving cheques from insurers for settlement of claims and giving correct details to the cashier for each claim while accounting the same before sending the cheques to the bank.
  • Insurance system related improvements based on the current system requirements along with system developers.





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